They say creativity and art is an expression of feeling. For me, it is an expression of experience and feeling. I came from a background of sports and a path in art was the farthest from me. Looking back, it is funny how God works in your life. My passion of meeting people, being behind a camera, and finding the next great photo to create a lifelong moment of God's beauty and creation are what my passions have been molded into. 


Scroll through my work and you will see my passion, through the amazing people and places, and the beauty that God has given us, through what He created, in life to witness. 


A portrait and sports photographer at heart, I have grown into a photographer and videographer for weddings as well, including aerial imagery into my work. Check out instagram for all my updates and aerial shots. 


In 2014, my wife Kelsey and I started a wedding photography business, and it has become something special! Over the years, we have done more than just wedding photography, as we have done video for clients as well as weddings. We have also transitioned into doing more commercial, studio and portraiture. We have also done design and aerial work for clients and couples alike. In 2017, we transitioned to become a creative studio, known as Mullings Creative, and feel God has been blessing us with more as the days pass. So head on over to to check out all the wonderful couples and clients we have met and gotten to capture their moment as couples, families, kids and pets, even events and products! 


For any questions about pricing, booking or other inquiries, please send me an email and I will get back to you as soon as possible. Feel free to send a friendly hello as well to get in touch!